Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Recap Ya'll

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! This weekend was Fall for Greenville downtown and the weather was so perfect for it! Friday I decided to start some decorating projects that I had been debating for awhile. I headed out to the Habitat Restore in search for a few small pieces to make my living room complete. I hit the JACKPOT! Then Friday night Boyfriend and I went out for date night to one of our favorite spots Trio! Saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Megan for mani/pedis and then we headed downtown to see what all the talk was about! Fall for Greenville is where a lot of the restaurants set up tents in the street and you buy tickets to go and try whatever you want! They had everything from vegan cupcakes, to wine tasting to truffle tater tots (my personal favorite)! 

After!! So happy with how they turned out! 


What did you do this weekend? Any decorating tips!?


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  1. omg I LOVE the purple! So gorgeous! You would have never thought they would turn out so elegant looking!