Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adjusting My Sails

Have you ever had a week where literally everything that could go wrong does? You feel like you just want to stay home in your comfy bed and not face the world because it's too hard. That was my week last week. When I moved to Greenville I didn't have a job or any idea what I was going to do to make money when I got here. So the first job offer I got I accepted it and hoped that it would work out for the best, the end of that job came last week. 

No one wants to be newly graduated, in a new town, and unemployed. (Hello and welcome to my current life!) The flip-side to that is that no one wants to be newly graduated, in a new town, and miserable every single day either. I had to make a decision last week that I knew wouldn't be an easy one, it wouldn't be easy to tell my parents, it wouldn't be easy to take a huge pay cut, and it wouldn't be easy to face my boss and tell him it wasn't working out. I made myself a promise when I graduated that I would never end up stuck in a job I hate just because the pay was good or because I got a free gym membership. I decided last week that's where my life was headed and I just wasn't ready to let that happen! 

So here I am newly graduated, in a new town, happy, and completely okay with being temporally unemployed.  I of course headed straight to Pinterest for some words of wisdom to keep my spirits up, my favorite "We can't direct the wind but we can adjust the sails." What a perfect way to look at the world when things aren't going your way, you're having a tough week, or when you need to make a big life decision. Here are some other little gems I found for encouragement! 
I love this one so much! 

Worlds most perfect job ever. 

I printed this one out and taped it into my planner so I see it every day.

I hope you all had a great week and if you need any encouragement that these words will help you keep your head up!


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