Saturday, September 22, 2012

Before and After Patio!

I set out today with a mile long list of patio decorating essentials! My first stop was Lowe's where I soon realized that they don't take out of state checks....I felt like they sucked the air out my decorating balloon. Thankfully we have the one stop shop Wal Mart that happily accepted my payment. There I picked up potting soil, a small planter, a box planter, two hanging plants, pansies and violas. 

Next stop, The Christmas Tree Shop. If you have never heard of or been to The Christmas Tree shop you are seriously missing out. I don't even really know how to put into words what kind of store it is, but it has everything from holiday items (right now Halloween and Christmas) to pet supplies to furniture to food to kitchen items. It is seriously retail heaven for all things cheap and cute! I picked up some outdoor lights and a candle. I haven't been able to hang my lights yet since I need Boyfriends help but they are so adorable and were only $6.99!

My last stop was Goodwill to look for a small table/shelf to add outside. It must have been my lucky day because not only did I find a table for $5 I also found a black and white stripped ottoman for $15!!

Drum are my before and after pictures! I still hope to add some pillows for my chairs, of course more plants and maybe another chair or small bench.

Before: Plain and Boring! 

This isn't my actual patio but it's another view of the size and space. 
All my plant supplies! 
Planter box for $4 at Wal Mart!
White and red pansies and purple violas! 

This is my cafe table and chairs from World Market
the rug is also from there! I love this because it adds color and defines the
separate spaces! 

So in love with how this turned out!
The ottoman is from Goodwill and so is the table.
All I did was spray paint it black and clean the fabric on the ottoman.
My mom help me hang my curtains last week to add privacy and just make it a little more chic! 

I hung my stained glass that my mom made years ago and put down a new rug from
Old Time Pottery. Another great place to check out for decorating! This rug was only $35! 

Another view that shows the Ivy I bought! I love Ivy for a few reasons....
1. Its a beautiful green color and stays that way into Fall.
2. It grows fast and out and sideways to add privacy
3. It just so happens to be one of the flowers of my sorority!
(green green the ivy twines!) 

Outdoor lights from The Christmas Tree Shop! Super cute right? 

I am really really happy with the way it all turned out and I can't wait for the fall weather to roll into Greenville so I can enjoy a cup of tea on my new patio! What do you think of the results? I would love to hear any suggestions or what you've done to your outdoor space!



  1. Girl this looks AWESOME! You found some great things at some great prices. Those outdoor lights are seriously precious. I would eat breakfast out there every morning when it gets cooler!

  2. Your patio looks amazing! I love it!

    I also recently discovered the fabulousness of The Christmas Tree Shop. I sparkly heart that store! I get so much stuff and my wallet doesn't hate me! lol

  3. Thanks ladies! I am enjoying the new makeover so much!