Friday, September 21, 2012

decorating my outdoor space

Happy weekend ya'll! We made it through another long week and finally made the transition from summer to fall! I love having the weekends to relax and catch up on projects and sleep and this weekend I have a few projects I can't wait to dive into! My BIG "to do" at the top of my list this weekend is decorating my outdoor space!

I live in a second floor apartment and I have a nice sized patio that is screaming for a makeover. Before I moved in I bought a small table and two chairs and a bright orange rug, I was worried all summer that they wouldn't fit in my tiny space. Now here I am three weeks later with a patio bigger than I remembered and still looking quite empty. I have found a few images of inspiration that use a lot of color, interesting patterns, window boxes, and not your average patio furniture. 

Obsessed with these matching ottomans and the black and white fabric!
Very classic but still modern. 
I think a chair like this would look so great on my patio.
It would bring a little bit of glamour to a space that doesn't typically
doesn't have any. 

I have always been a fan of window boxes and having lots of plants and
greenery growing around a porch. I love this chevron version which would be
an easy DIY project to a boring window box. 

The colors, the size, the flowers.
Everything about this I just love. 

This is one of the first images I came across of a small outdoor space. It looks like
a place I could spend all day just reading and napping and drinking tea on a fall day.
I think the way they used patterns and colors and utilized the space really makes it
a perfect outdoor room. 

Something like this would be my dream patio. I think using curtains
is such a genius idea to give privacy and glamour in a different way.
Again the patterns here just look so perfect and the colors
are so lovely together. 

This extra small space shows that no matter how small your space is
you can still come up with a cute way to make it another room.
The way they have separated the flowers and bench make each one more
of a defined space and the rug looks so chic and brightens up a dull area.  
Saturday I have big plans of hitting up Goodwill and any thrift store I can find for some more furniture and maybe boxes that I can use for planters. I hope to be able to find some plants at Lowe's that can survive through the fall months and give me some color! Do you have an outdoor space that needs a facelift or any tips for me? Look for before and after pictures on Sunday! 


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