Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Friday Favorites!

1. I am so completely OBSESSED with this cat sweater. As a self proclaimed cat lady I always love the funny cat sweaters people wear, however this one is actually really cute! I'm thinking about asking Santa to put it under the tree this year! You can see it here at Mod Cloth! 

2. Madewell Happy Socks! These socks are so preppy and perfect especially for just $12. Navy stripes with a touch of Pink give any outfit a touch of color and sass and they just look so cozy! 

3. I saw this little image on Instagram last week and then fell in love when Jack Rogers released! I wish I could wear my Jacks all year round but since I don't live in Hawaii this is such a cute way to always have a little summer with you. 

4. Want, want, want. Okay so I'm usually one to just throw on a pair of converse and go out gallivanting but these are too cute. Lately I've been wearing a lot of polka dots but sometimes they can be overwhelming. I think these would be just the right amount for a casual date night to the movies, a shopping day or a day at the park. (Get them here)

Happy Friday loves! 


  1. I loooooooove these socks. Want, want, want. Please Santa?

  2. That is the cutest, cutest sweater. Merry Christmas!