Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend recap

I was so excited Friday when I got off work to finally see my Mom, Minnie and Grigsby after 3 long weeks! Grigsby showed the most excitement and seeing him for the first time was a dramatic reunion. After they settled in I invited my boyfriend and his puppy Mozie over so they could play and get rid of some of their energy. They make for a wild pair and wore each other out wrestling and chasing each other. Friday night my mom and I went downtown to explore and grab a bite to eat somewhere new. We walked all around Main St. window shopping and people watching and ended up eating at a delicious restaurant Overlook Grill in Falls Park.

So excited to be reunited!
Our table was right on the edge of the balcony so
we got to see the Reedy River and all of Falls Park! 
Saturday morning I was finally able to sleep in a little bit and it felt so good! I decided I wanted to take Grigsby to the dog park near my apartment and then downtown to show him off. It was also a Clemson game day so we were both wearing our Tiger Orange! After so much walking downtown my Mom and I were starving and got lunch at one of my favorite places to eat, Smoke on the water! (Sorry for obnoxious amount of pictures of my dog, I have an addiction.)

Photo Shoot in the park! 
So handsome and well behaved! 

Saturday night I was busy baking cookies for the Carolina Panthers game on Sunday! The weather wasn't ideal but it was a great game and a good time with friends! I was sad to see my Mom leave but we are already planning her next trip down South! I will post some of my weekend purchases tomorrow, so keep an eye out!
One of my good friends Neilson!
He's a real goofball.

Boyfriend and I at the game! 

What did you do over the weekend?

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