Thursday, September 13, 2012

monogram maniac

Today I got to pick up the items I bought Saturday from The Pink Azalea! I have been seeing monogrammed norts all over pinterest and was dying to get my hands on a pair. The only thing was that they were just so expensive after buying the norts and then paying to have them monogrammed. I have also been wanting a new baseball cap since they have become my go-to weekend hairstyle.

monograms on monograms on monograms. 
I am so thrilled with how they both turned out and of course I can't wait to wear them when I go "workout." If you like monograms as much as I do make sure you check out their website for more cute things, you can shop online and they are really affordable! I think my next purchase will be the palm tree monogram tee-shirt (I already love South Carolina as much as I love monograms!)
so adorable right!? 

what have you been monogramming? 


  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog - Its so cute :)
    Love the monogrammed shorts and hat.. I totally want to invest in some but my roommates have cut me off since I got a monogramed sticker for my phone home button.. oops!

    Keep up the fun posts!

  2. Love this - I've been dying for a pair of monogrammed norts but haven't gotten around to doing it. Yours turned out great!

    P.S. I love your lil blog!! And I see that you're in Greenville... I had a job interview there last week! :) Are you working in Greenville? I absolutely LOVE the city... fingers crossed that I get this job because I'd love to live there!

  3. Thank you thank you! It's so nice to get such great feedback! I am dying for a monogramed home button!!! I also just ran across some monogram flats but I decided they might be too much!

    Greenville is so gorgeous and fun! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hey Taylor! Soo I got an offer at the job I interviewed with in Greenville! I'm so so excited to begin my next chapter and move to Greenville! I was wondering if you knew anyone who needed a roomie?! (I don't know anyone who lives there!)

    You can email me if that's easiest... I'd love to chat with you about life in Greenville!! My email is