Tuesday, September 25, 2012

to tights or not to tights

How excited are you that the fall weather has decided to come out and play?! I love waking up in the morning and feeling a little chill in the air and being able to wrap up in a blanket on my porch in the afternoons. Fall is my favorite season for so many different reasons, the clothes, the food, the smells and the colors but i am having a bit of a dilemma as we make the transition.

I recently got two tweed skirts that I am in love with.
I can't find them online but they look similar to this:

They are perfect for work and I can even wear them on date night! I work at an office where the dress is very professional and skirts need to be to the knee. I always have a problem with that since I have such long legs which is why tights have become my hero! Since the weather is so cool in the mornings and evenings is it okay to start wearing tights? Is it still to warm in the afternoon? Should I wait until later in October? I am in a serious tights dilemma, what do you think?


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