Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Ideas for Beau!

Since October I have been thinking about what I would get Boyfriend for Christmas. It has taken me that long to come up with some good solid ideas that I know he will enjoy! The men in our lives really have it easy, they know the brands we like and that we will swoon over any package with a little Lilly, J.Crew, or Kate Spade inside! So here are a few ideas that I think your guy would use, cherish, swoon over, and even drool!
1. Birch Box for Men, $20 dollars a month your Beau will get a little box full of samples and full sized items he can use! 2. Old Fashioned Monogram Glasses, Set of four is only $36. I love this gift, it is classy and timeless and your guy is sure to use it for years to come. 3. Apple TV, $99. What guy doesn't love a little gadget? 4. Sports Illustrated, A year subscription of 56 issues for $39. Great for the sports lover! 5. Ray-Bans, Clubmaster for $150, this is a gift that is sure to make your guy drool! 6. Corn Hole Boards, $119 each at Palmetto Moon. 7. Southern Fried Fleece $39, this is from a local store here in Greenville but any sweater for the winter weather is sure to keep your beau warm! 8. LL Bean Slippers $45. 9. Monogram Money Clip $25, perfect for the preppy guy! 

Happy Shopping! 


  1. I gave my boyfriend engraved old fashioned glasses for part of his birthday present and he's obsessed with them. He drinks EVERYTHING out of them...not just things that would be logical to drink out of an old fashioned glass :) Always a good call, for sure!

    xo Mason